Aerial Services, Inc
dba Aerial Patrol

Aerial Services, Inc. specializes in patrolling high voltage transmission lines using fixed wing aircraft. We have safely and efficiently patrolled power lines using fixed wing aircraft since 1944. We patrol for electricity producers in three central states including and surrounding Oklahoma, conducting storm damage inspections and emergency outage patrols in addition to regularly scheduled comprehensive inspections.

Aerial Services, Inc. uses GPS technology and fully customized reports as needed to better suit individual customers.

Fixed wing aircraft patrol cross-country transmission lines much more efficiently and economically than helicopters.

Most patrols are conducted by a single pilot but we welcome a power company employee to act as an observer at any time. We carry additional insurance coverage just for this purpose. We also have qualified personnel to observe or assist with video recording as needed.

Safety is our Top Priority

Aerial Services, Inc. is fully insured and uses only meticulously maintained aircraft. Our pilots have many years' experience in a wide variety of low level tactical flying and hold multiple ratings with the Federal Aviation Administration. Our experienced maintenance personnel are certified by the FAA.

We have the necessary waivers required by the FAA to legally perform low level inspections.